Found My Animal Collar - Purple Fade

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The collar Captain wears. Swim in it, get dirty in it or wear it to a fancy restaurant... whatever your dog wants to do it will wear well. 

All the rope and leather collars are hand-made in Brooklyn, NY from marine-grade rope. All hardware is 100% solid brass. Attached to each collar is a stamped FOUND tag. 

Note: Captain wears a Large.

Sizing guide:

Dogs Weight Collar Length Collar Thickness
S 2.5 - 5.5kg 25 - 33cm 1.27cm
M 5.5 - 15kg 32 - 38cm 1.58cm
L 15 - 30kg 38 - 45cm 2.22cm
XL 30kg + 48 - 57cm 2.54cm